Here’s The Thing!

The back story to Hi from Sandra! A newsletter about life and stuff... but not cooking... I bloody hate cooking!

Last year I did a thing.

I stumbled across a relatively new writing platform and was keen to sink my teeth into it. 

A way to write and potentially, someday, earn a little money from that writing. A different path from my blog Sandra Kelly - What Lies Within.

I booked a 1:1 hour long zoom coaching call with the gorgeous (and very wise for her years) Sonia Bavistock and thrashed out my ideas.  

I questioned my validity and value, Sonia gently cut through my crap with encouraging suggestions and gentle, but much needed, kicks in the butt. 

I scribbled notes while nodding a lot, often perfecting my thinking pose. 

At the end of the call I announced “I’m going to do it!” Much to Sonia’s delight! She earned her bickies on that call, the sweetheart. 

So I got to work researching the platform in more depth. 

I lost myself down many an internet rabbit hole surfacing with nuggets of gold from the generosity of others sharing their experience using the substack newsletter platform. 

I was pumped!

I Designed a logo, wrote the foundations and was ready to launch. 


Crickets... nada... zilch.

Fear gripped me again (sorry Sonia). 

The niggling itch of this idea however would not be eased by my medal worthy ignoring skills. 

So here I am - showing up and scratching that itch buoyed by Sonia’s previous pep talk and a need for connection. 

But here’s another thing! 

The original path I mapped out for this project will have to take a back seat for now. And that’s okay! Stuff happens. 

Many of the excuses I was using not to launch this platform have become the very reason TO launch (mysterious I know). 

Connection is everything. 


At some point in time the plan is to pivot back to my original path for this baby (offering paid and free subscriptions). At that time if you wish to unsubscribe you can do so whenever you like.

For now I invite you to come on a ride of a different nature.

It’s my way of staying connected as we begin a six week stint away from home in the big smoke to access treatment for my husband Doug’s recently diagnosed cancer. 

Not wanting to use Facebook as a way of sharing updates I’ve decided to use this platform instead (plus I’ve already set it up and it’s an opportunity for me to become more familiar with the features).

I feel it’s more personalised than an fb post or blog post - it’s me writing a letter to you, landing in your inbox when the mood strikes. 

I’ll be sharing Doug updates but it won’t be about Doug as such - that would be an invasion of his privacy. 

What it will be is a look at this ride through my eyes and daily ‘stuff’ we might get up too (I have his blessing to write about it all in this way). 

We’re treating this as our long service leave from life with a side plate of radiation skin burn on Doug’s part (ouch). 

Flipping this enormous shell shock into an okay experience shall be a challenge, but we’re determined. 

If this invitation is something you’d like to take up feel free to subscribe and look for a “Hi from Sandra” personal newsletter landing in your inbox (or junk email - please look for me there and if so bail me out).

Love to have you along for the ride. 

Please take care, stay safe and you’ll be hearing from me again soon. 

Sandra. Xx