A Slight Hiccup

But The Sun Is out!

Hi there!

I had a letter typed up almost ready to be posted to you, and then today happened.

Short version is Doug ended up in emergency from the radiation department today. He is being treated for pneumonia.  I’m sure after a few days on IV fluids and IV antibiotics he’ll be feeling better than the last few days.

Pneumonia/chest infections are common for Doug.

We’ve also been trialling different pain management medication for that troublesome shoulder with varying success.  Unfortunately, the radiation can not be delivered in any other way than with the mask.

It is what it is.

On the upside, the sun has returned to Melbourne after a brief interruption to the expected Summer transmission and walking through the park the last few days has been delightful.

Just a short note from me today.  I’m all tuckered out. It was a beautiful evening and I’ve been for a big walk and smiled at lots of cute dogs along the way.  No shortage of cute dogs around here out ‘walking their owners’ (*winks).

With love, stay safe now,

Sandra. Xx