Why subscribe? What is it?

Remember when we used to write letters to one another?

Remember checking the mailbox each day with anticipation, waiting for that handwritten note from a special friend who lived far away?

Remember smiling with excitement at the sight of the bulging envelope almost bursting at the seams with all her juicy gossip?

Well it’s a lot like that - a news letter from me to you - only you don’t have to run to the letterbox out the front of your house in the rain to get it. When you subscribe it magically appears in your email inbox. Simple!

So grab a cuppa when it arrives, open my letter and let’s chat!

Consider yourself invited.

Like to know a bit more?

Well we all know it won’t be about cooking because I bloody hate it.

In the future there will be a paid subscription on offer as well as the free newsletter still full of good stuff. For now it costs nothing. You can read about the ‘birth of this baby’ here.

Join the crew

Be part of a community of people who share your interests… namely the stuff I think about that finds its way to the keyboard and into your inbox. See you there…

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